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One of the most difficult things about a roof is that they might be badly damaged and you would never know. An untrained eye may be able to spot signs of large or unmistakable damage, but the overwhelming majority of roof flaws and signs of wear are usually so small that the untrained eye will easily overlook it. To make matters worse, they’ll only become readily apparent the next time it rains, when water pouring into your attic threatens your property with significant damage. How can you find out what shape your roof is in before it’s too late? With a professional Spokane roof inspection from the pros at Serv-Tech.

When it comes to your roof, you can’t afford to compromise on quality. At Serv-Tech, we never compromise on the quality of our service, and that means you can trust your roof to us with confidence. All of our roof inspection experts have undergone extensive training and demonstrated exceptional skill in their craft, and that means they’re among the finest professionals in the industry. When you absolutely need to know what condition your roof is in, they will give you an honest, educated, and thorough opinion, including thoroughly checking all areas that are known for damage. We work with all materials, and know how to properly work with roofing systems from all major name brand manufacturers. In short: we treat your property the way it should be treated, and we hold ourselves to world-class standards so you will get the exact service you demand each and every time.

When you need a professional roof inspection done quickly and done right, reach out to the team at Serv-Tech! Dial (800) 885-4669 for a Spokane roof inspection appointment today.

Find Those Leaks Fast!

Do you have a pesky leak that’s constantly causing you to get out the bucket when it rains? Are you sick of the ever-expanding signs of water damage every time the weather turns wet? When you go into your attic on a dry day, you may not be able to find where the leak actually is or what’s actually causing it. At Serv-Tech, our roofing experts can do that for you. We use both interior and exterior inspections to precisely locate damage and make our educated recommendations for how to fix it. We’ll find anything and everything going on with your roof, including things you may not have known about, so you can have all of your issues addressed ahead of time.

We can help find signs of all different types of damage, including:

  • Cracks or leaks
  • Worn-out flashing
  • Improper slope
  • Inconsistent slope (“bellying” or “ponding”)
  • Damaged or missing tiles or shingles
  • Termite, insect, or pest damage
  • Improper ventilation
  • Mold or mildew

We know how devastating even a small problem can be, and likewise we understand how important it is to have these small issues fixed quickly. That’s why we’re proud to be so much more than just a roof inspector—we’re also a full-fledged roofing repair company. When we provide you with a detailed inspection report, we’ll happily walk through it with you in order to answer your questions and explain things you may not understand. From there, we can also help you schedule a repair service with one of our professional roofing technicians. This ensures a seamless repair and a roof that will continue to protect you for years to come.

Get the most accurate and honest picture of your roof with a professional inspection service from the team at Serv-Tech! Contact us today.


  • Trained & Certified Roofing Professionals
  • Background-Checked & Drug-Tested Team
  • Offering a 20-Year Roofing System Warranty
  • Member of the National Roofing Contracting Association (NRCA)


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