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If you had to make a judgement about the condition of your roof, how would you grade it? If your roof is leak-free, then there’s a good chance you’d probably say it’s just fine. However, a lack of leaks does not mean your roof is free from potential problems. There are many other ways your roof could be in trouble that you simply don’t know about. Pests could have caused serious structural damage, wear and tear could have created weak points, and poor ventilation could have caused rot or warping in your roof’s materials. How can you tell if you have any of these issues? Simple: make the call to the Redmond roof inspection professionals at Serv-Tech and we’ll provide you with a thorough, detail-oriented inspection for your property.

Serv-Tech understands that roofing can be complex, and that it can be easy to miss important details if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We aim to take the stress out of your roof problems by making professional inspections simple, reliable, and easy to understand. Our highly-trained roofing experts use their experience and skill to ensure every small detail is checked for your utmost confidence. We then take our findings and condense them into an easy-to-understand report that gives you a clear and thorough picture of your roof’s condition. We’ll even walk you through your report so your questions are answered and you know what you need. We help with everything from the smallest houses to the largest commercial and industrial properties, and even offer our services with purchasing so you can buy or sell with confidence.

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Why Do I Need a Roofing Inspection?

Anyone can spot larger signs of damage to a roof—missing shingles, serious cracks, or major leaks—but there are many other things that can go wrong that few people think about. Likewise, most people don’t do anything more than just a quick walk around the outside perimeter of their property in order to check their roof for damage. It’s easy to miss a lot of potential problems this way, and that’s why go further. There’s no substitute for the experience of a professional, and that’s what we provide when you trust your property to us.

Our inspections can reveal any instances of the following:

  • Hidden leaks
  • Poor ventilation
  • Mold or mildew colonies
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Termite or pest damage
  • Damaged shingles or tiles
  • Warping or bowing in your roof’s structure
  • Outdated construction methods that are now out of code

Serv-Tech inspects all types of roofing, including both traditional and modern materials. Whether you rely on standard asphalt shingles or you have a modern composite technology protecting your home, we know what issues you might face and where to look in order to provide you with total and complete confidence.

Do I Need an Inspection?

Why would you need a roof inspection? There are lots of reasons to need a comprehensive examination of your roof, so it stands to reason that there will undoubtedly be a time where getting one is in your best interests. For example, as a home or commercial property owner, if you want to avoid a potential disaster caused by sudden failure, then periodic inspections are the way to go. We recommend all property owners schedule an inspection every three to five years, depending on the age of your roof.

Likewise, if you’re looking to sell your property or purchase a new one, inspections can help you determine exactly what condition the roof is in. The roof is arguably the most important feature of any property, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in good condition before completing any purchase. A good roof can increase a property’s value, while a roof in poor condition could actually jeopardize a sale entirely.

Get help with your roof inspection from the pros at Serv-Tech today! Contact us and schedule yours.


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