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Your roof is vital part of your property, and it’s an expensive part as well. Anyone who has had to completely replace a roof likely knows the importance of protecting this investment in your property in order to preserve and maintain it for the long term. However, while inspections and regular repairs can fix any visible damage, what can you do to prevent damage from happening? After all, even a small problem can present a serious interruption to your day-to-day activities. The answer is a professional Redmond roof coating service from the team at Serv-Tech. We use premium roof coating systems to provide you with unwavering and durable protection against some of the worst things mother nature can throw at you, giving you total and comprehensive peace of mind.

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What Is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is the process of applying a layer of protective material to your roof, creating an added barrier to defend against everything from moisture to debris to damage from the sun. A coating is typically applied professionally to flat, membrane-surfaced roofs, adding an additional layer of durability to them. This process is generally fast, and coatings can last for several years, so long as they are properly maintained and are not trampled by foot traffic.

Roof coatings have some strengths and weaknesses. For starters, they do add an incredible amount of durability to membrane-style roofs. Membrane roofing is renowned for its light weight, low cost, ease of installation, and remarkable energy efficiency. However, they don’t stand up to the elements as well as some other types of roofing do on their own. A coating service can help with that. Coating does improve roof durability and effectiveness, however coatings are not designed for foot traffic, and therefore should not be applied to any roof that is expected to receive even a small amount of foot traffic over normal use.

Why should I coat my roof?

  • Prevent leaks: Roof coatings help prevent leaks by creating a water-tight seal over some of the most vulnerable areas of your roof.
  • Minimize energy loss: Looking to improve energy efficiency? A roof coating prevents air loss through your roof, keeping more of that conditioned air where it needs to be.
  • Increase durability: A properly coated roof will last many additional years compared to a non-coated one, when properly cared for.
  • Minimize disruption: A properly coated roof will suffer from fewer problems, meaning you’ll be able to continue to operate day after day with fewer interruptions due to problems.

Commercial & Residential Roof Coating Services

The overwhelming majority of roof coating services we perform are for commercial and industrial buildings. These are the most common types of buildings that use membrane-style surfaces for flat roofs. However, this type of roofing is growing in popularity with ultra-efficient, modern-style homes as well. If you utilize this type of roof over your property, Serv-Tech can provide your roof coating service.

Our roof coatings come from reputable manufacturers, and our installation process is thorough, effective, and complete. That way you can be confident that your roof is properly protected from the harshness of the elements, and is prepared to withstand some of the worst weather and conditions it could face.

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