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Is your roof in good condition? How many more years can you expect it to reasonably protect your home or business? Do you have any hidden problems that could turn into a disaster that you aren’t aware of? These are all very real issues that any home or commercial property owner has to deal with. At Serv-Tech, we can take these worries away by giving you a full and complete picture of what’s going on with your roof. We proudly offer the finest roof inspections in the Coeur d’Alene area, including thorough and complete checks of both interior and exterior features in both residential and commercial roofing applications. When you need to know that your roof is in good hands, look no further than us.

At Serv-Tech, we take pride in being there for our customers. As a truly local roofer, we know what it means to take care of our friends and neighbors. That’s why we hold ourselves to high standards in everything we do, including the inspections we provide. Our customers are depending on our inspections to make educated decisions about their property, and we want to make those decisions easy and stress-free thanks to thorough inspections and detailed reports. When we’re done with our inspection, we’ll walk you through our findings so you can make a better plan as to what your roof needs now and will need in the future. We even assist with property purchasing, and can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when you’re making a big decision for your future.

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What’s in a Roofing Inspection?

A roofing inspection includes a through, professional investigation of all of your roof’s major components and features. Most people can get a good look at their roof just by walking around outside their home or taking a quick look through the attic, but the difference is that most people don’t know what they’re looking for. In fact, the average person might completely overlook several signs of damage that could indicate your roof needs serious help. That’s why there’s no substitute for professional experience when it comes to roof inspections.

We can help you find any of the following problems in your roof:

  • Hidden leaks
  • Poor ventilation
  • Mold or mildew colonies
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Termite or pest damage
  • Damaged shingles or tiles
  • Warping or bowing in your roof’s structure
  • Outdated construction methods that are now out of code

Serv-Tech offers inspections for all types of roofing. Does your home have standard asphalt shingles? What about concrete tiles? Do you have an unusual or customized roofing material like cedar shakes or slate tiles? Whatever you have, our team knows what to look for and how to handle your problem with excellence. We’ll make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your roof and what your roof will need in the near future.

When Do I Need an Inspection?

Is it time to schedule an inspection? When should you reach out to a professional to book your service? While it is a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected semi-regularly, we also recommend an inspection in several key situations. For example, if you are looking to sell a property, you’ll want to know if the roof overhead is structurally sound so you can disclose this to potential buyers. This might also give you an opportunity to fix any issues, which in turn could increase the value of your property.

We also recommend having your roof inspected every three to five years, depending on its age. If your roof is approaching the expected end of its lifespan, or if your roof has started to show signs of wear after a stretch of poor weather, then we recommend scheduling an inspection right away so you can find any damage that may need to be immediately addressed.

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  • Offering a 20-Year Roofing System Warranty
  • Member of the National Roofing Contracting Association (NRCA)


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