lichen on roof

Why Is Cleaning Your Roof Important?

While most homeowners will mow their lawn, repaint the outside of their house, and do other household tasks to make sure their living space is aesthetically pleasing, many forget about their roofs. Roof cleaning is just as important though!

This leads to the common question, does cleaning your roof damage it?

In short, cleaning your roof correctly does not damage it. A common mistake is using a pressure washer with excessive pressure which can cause noticeable damage to a roof.

When done correctly, on the other hand, canĀ help your home look good. It can also prevent serious roof damage and protect it throughout the year.

Today, we look at the reasons why it is so important to ensure your roof gets cleaned at least once a year.

Contrary to popular belief, roof maintenance is one of the most important tasks you should be doing as a homeowner. Failure to clean your roof regularly could mean an expensive roof replacement in your not-so-distant future. Avoid costly damage by learning more about the benefits of roof cleaning:

Prevents algae, lichen, and moss from forming

Algae feed off asphalt and limestone roofing in cool, moist, shaded areas on a roof. Algae can cause various types of mold to grow. When left to its own devices, mold will eat away at the roof, creating a weak structure, which could lead to costly repairs. Mold can also cause wood to rot, which makes it easier for the mold to move to other areas of your home. Additionally, mold does not play nicely with humans and can cause some awful health issues.

Lichen is also something you do not want to see on your roof. It is a combination of algae and fungus that can grow roots into roof shingles. It is tough to remove and can also weaken the foundation of your roof.

Moss can cause the edges of roof singles to shift or even fall off entirely! As moss holds in moisture, it can also freeze during wintertime, which makes your roof susceptible to wood rot and other damages. When water freezes, it can lead to cracks in your roof and walls, which could be dangerous for your home’s structural integrity.

Avoids shingle damage

Shingle damage can happen because of falling debris, mold growth, water damage, moss growth, lichen growth, and more. Damaged or missing shingles can compromise the strength of your roof. You may even need to get your roof replaced entirely if the damage gets to a certain point.

Cleaning your roof consistently, or having it cleaned by a professional, can reduce the chance of shingle damage.

Prevents wood rot

Moss, algae, mold, lichen, and shingle damage can all cause excess water to leak into your roof. This increases the chances of a leaky roof, freezing water damages, and wood rot. Wood rot often goes undetected by homeowners but poses a serious threat if ignored. You may need to get a partial or complete roof replacement due to wood rot damage.

Can a Professional Help You Clean Your Roof?

Roof cleaning is a vital part of maintaining the life expectancy of your roof. You can clear off snow, debris, and dirt yourself; however, it is best to hire a professional roof cleaning company that has experience doing these tasks.

At Serv-Tech, we understand the importance of roof cleaning, which is why we offer comprehensive services to suit your needs. We can help you remove leaves, twigs, needles, acorns and seeds, animal dropping, algae, moss, lichens, and more.

Roof maintenance does not need to be complicated thanks to our team of professionals. Remember, roof repair, and even replacement will be necessary if you do not take roof cleaning seriously.

If you would like to schedule a roof cleaning appointment with our company, call us at (800) 885-4669 or contact us online. We would be happy to discuss your roofing needs.